Canadian EV Charging Infrastructure 2024

July 10-11, 2024 in Toronto, Canada

The Canadian EV Charging Infrastructure 2024 event will allow professionals engaged in relevant disciplines to report on their accomplishments and exchange views. The event will uniquely emphasize networking and building new relationships, including generating dialogue for the automotive and electrical power industries.

The EV & Charging Expo

May 1-2, 2024 in Toronto, Canada

The EV & Charging Exp is the event for business and government professionals to experience the latest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, test drive commercial EVs and meet best-in-class suppliers to enable your organization’s EV transition

Exploring EV Infrastructure & Fleet Electrification

January 8, 2024 – Virtual

Reduced transportation emissions is one of the most challenging 2030 targets to achieve. With increasing electric vehicle (EV) popularity, many property owners and businesses are exploring upgrading their EV infrastructure or even electrifying their company vehicle fleet.

SACA Electric Vehicle Certification Summit

December 7, 2023 in Detroit, United States

At this event, you’ll participate in discussions about what EV training programs should include to equip individuals for careers in EV manufacturing operations and assembly, as well as technicians and skilled tradesmen. You will also help develop standards for and validate SACA’s Electric Vehicle Battery Basics certification.

GO Electric: Electric vehicle webinar

December 6, 2023 – Virtual

In this complimentary hour-long Zoom webinar, participants will gain insights into the placement of electric vehicles in the sustainable transport hierarchy. The session will cover details about electric vehicle types, charging options, costs, and highlight the advantages of opting for zero-emission vehicles.

Maintenance for fleet EVs and charging infrastructure

December 4, 2023Virtual

Hear about best practices from Electric Autonomy Canada’s expert panelists as they delve into planned maintenance, reskilling and how to reduce wear and tear on both the vehicles and charging infrastructure for fleets in this EV maintenance masterclass.

Conference on Optimization in EV Fleet Operations

September 18-19, 2023 in Toronto, Canada

International Conference on Optimization in Electric Vehicle Fleet Operations aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Optimization in Electric Vehicle Fleet Operations.

The EV & Charging Expo 2023

May 17-18, 2023 in Toronto, Canada

The EV & Charging Expo 2023 is the major national trade show and conference for fleet operators, property developers, real estate owners, municipalities and policy makers to meet with the key players who will facilitate the transition to electric vehicles.