EV fleet repair and electric vehicle maintenance

EV is the Future

Electrifying fleet is a complex process with many integrated factors, including infrastructure, technician training, federal and state grants, zero-emission requirements, and more. EV fleet repair service is very important for all fleets in the future.

Maintenance + Technology

We have created our “EVacuationApp” EV maintenance application solution and EV maintenance programs with electric fleets as our focus. As technology continues to evolve, EV fleet repair and electric vehicle maintenance programs will also need to evolve.

Quality Promise

We are committed to innovating, learning, and rapidly scaling with confidence to grow with the technology. As your EV maintenance provider, we will do whatever it takes to support your transitioning fleet and prepare you for the future.

Our Web App is designed to educate, guide, and support electric fleets side-by-side.

Our mission is to commit to building a green economy in North America by helping businesses to ease off the EV fleet electrification process, offering a comprehensive and intelligent EV fleet maintenance system.

Our Core Principles


We act transparently and engage the public in the development of environmentally friendly choices and skills.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and initiating new practices, policies, and procedures to improve the efficiency of our operations.


We provide a high level of customer service to our customers. We deliver high-quality, cost-effective resources and services for our clients.

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